Bantayan Island: Interesting Places to Visit


Did you know that Bantayan Island is also known as the “Little Boracay” because of its white sand and crystal clear water? This is located at the tip Northern part of Cebu where you can enjoy, relax and witness the beauty of it.

Bantayan Island includes numerous smaller islands, mostly around in the southwest part of the main island. About 20 of these islets is about 8 kilometers (5 miles) southwest away from Bantayan municipality, some nearer islets being accessible on foot when low tide!

Bantayan Island is divided into three municipalities: Bantayan (proper), Sta. Fe and Madridejos.



Santa Fe (eastern part)

Santa Fe is considered as the gateway to Bantayan and its islands because of the beautiful beaches close to each other. You can explore all the beaches in one day!

Sta. Fe Beach Club

You can also visit the popular beaches here like Sugar Beach, Yoneek Beach, Kota Beach, Mayet’s Beach, Beach Placid and Ogtong Cave. They were the most famous beaches in Bantayan.

Paradise Beach Resort


St. Peter and Paul Parish (Central largest Part)

The most imposing historical structure in Bantayan is the five century old Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Church located in the heart of the town across the town plaza, Bantayan.

The church is set as the first and oldest parish in Visayas and Mindanao. Also, the church is made of corals and stones endemic in the island and well-preserved antiquity. A”must-see” destination when you are in Bantayan Island.


Madridejos (northern part)

Interesting history of Madridejos, you want? Visayas were continually harassed by the Moros before who wreaked dreadful havoc, capturing, massacring, robbing, sacking churches, and burning everything there was.

What’s the point?

Madridejos is also known as “Lawis” the old name of Madridejos, even today people still use the name “Lawis” meaning “promontory”. You can visit the Ruins of Kota in Madridejos near Nature Park founded in 1790. A place where people of the town before grouped here when they hear the sound of the budyong (a blown alarm) for safety, warning the people who Moros are coming.


How to get to Bantayan Island?

From Cebu, catch a  bus from Cebu North Terminal bound to Hagnaya Port in town of San Remigio. Travel time is 4 to 5 hours and the fare is P132.00 (as of Feb 2016). There’s a bus that leaves Cebu City as early as 4am .

From Hagnaya, catch a public ferry which takes you approximately 1 hour before reaching Sta. Fe Port Terminal and fare is P170.00 (as of Feb 2016). There’s a schedule of departure of the ferry, last trip is 5:00pm daily.


*Go scuba diving, snorkeling or free diving

*Go spelunking in Ogtong Cave

*Go strolling all the beaches

*Go biking around Bantayan Island

*Ride a pumpboat from Sta. Fe to Bantayan Island

*Visit the Plaza Town

*Visit the oldest Church; St. Peter and Paul Parish

*Visit the Ruins of Kota in Kota Park

*Go island hopping in the islets of Bantayan

*Visit the heritage houses and establishments


*Best month to visit (January – June)

*Sun, Smart, Globe, TM and etc. have mobile signals

*There are ATM machines, Eastwest, Allied Bank and PNB

Photo credits to: Laag Sparkles



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