10 Signs That Your Bestfriend is Your Perfect Adventure Buddy

Friendship isn’t a big thing, it’s a million little things. You thought you were normal until you met your best friend and everything becomes crazy. You will realize that your best friend is your extension of weirdness and has the same mental disorder to you. Your best friend will know what exactly you are thinking just by taking one quick glance at you.

You are lucky to have one, someone who can tell you things you don’t want to tell to yourself.

But nothing beats having a best gal as an adventure buddy! Adventuring with best friend can make you happier and more special.

Here are the signs that your best friend is your perfect adventure buddy!


1. Adventure expense is more cheaper.


“oi! besh, kulang ko kwarta. E save lang ko ha” (Girl, save me. I don’t have enough money).

Adventure expenses are cheaper because you have your best friend that will shoulder half of it or you will divide all the expenses. So, say goodbye to full expense!

You will be lucky if you have that best friend who will pay all the expenses.


2.Food savior.



“ako na imong food besh!” (give me your food) and your best friend will have your foods in a second. You might not have the chance to react but you will laugh together because you find it funny and cute.

Wait! You might share all the foods you bring and have a crazy conversation together. Sharing is very important and make sure to clean everything before leaving.


3.Become a photographer the old-fashioned way.



“oii, picture me here kanang sexy and gwapa ko tan.awon” (take a photo of me here, make sure I will look sexy and beautiful in the photo).


“picturi ko kanang pina stolen” (take a photo of me, in a stolen-like shot)


“picturi ko kanang pina blogger pose” (take a photo of me, in a blogger-like pose)

Your  best friend is the only person in the world who can read what’s in your mind and will take a photo of you in an old-fashioned and perfect shot. Your bestfriend will take a photo of you that will satisfy your expectations. And, together you will make unforgettable memories.


4.Will meet new friends.


That best friend of yours who sneak smiles to someone they find cute/attractive (galawang breezy) and befriending strangers and thriving at conversations. Because best friend that is outgoing and fearless can easily make friends along the way.

It is also easier to make new friends when there are two of you because sometimes we are too exhausted to talk to strangers especially when you know that you will never see them again. Best friend will also save you from awkward conversations and will be there to return the favor.

Lucky to have one.


5.Will never hear complaints.


You will both laugh to your own mistakes you have done and for being totally stupid during adventures. You don’t both judge each other but you both judge others together. You both forgive yourselves and laugh each other.


6.Epic plans come along the way .


While planning to have an adventure, plans might fail, but, you have this you called best friend who will decide to smack it right out and find another plans that will make your adventures worth remembering.


7.Will watch your things.


Best friend will watch your things especially when you go in a bathroom. Sometimes best friend  will make crazy plans like hiding some of your staffs when you’re not around and will call you stupid for losing it. You just don’t know your bestfriend is making fun of you.

Bestfriend will mess your things inside your bag or anything until they will successfully annoy you according to their plans.


8.Safety? Bestfriend got your back.


Having your best friend in an unknown territory is simply a good idea. You feel safe and secure. And, at least let someone know that you are having an adventure together. Safety is very important in traveling.


9.You and your best friend are both inquisitive.


Bestfriend has an adventurous spirits too! Discovering new things with best friend who is curious about anything and everything will guarantee you to make some amazing memories together.

Explore with best friend and you will find the best adventures in your life.


10.You understand each other and will share every moments in your life.


Adventure with best friend is the most comfortable things in the world. Bestfriend knows what you want, who you are, what you like, what you feel and what you understand. You will make some unforgettable memories. Bestfriend will push you to always have the best time as much as possible. And, will go out with you even if it’s beyond your comfort zone.

After all, this person is someone who you are going to spend with your amazing days and it’s also very important that you shall still be yourself and have some fun in your own definitions or in your own way too!

Along the way, we will meet different kinds of people in the end but we always have that special friend.


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