MT. NAUPA: Some Beautiful Paths Can’t Be Discovered Without Getting Lost

With a staggering height of 584 meters located in the City of Naga, Mount Naupa ranks as the 8th highest mountain in Central Visayas and the 1,106th highest mountain in the Philippines. With its beautiful scenery, who wouldn’t have thought of climbing this peak?

The green meadow is everything you’ll hope for. You’ll like it here and you will witness the beauty of it by yourself. It’s a perfect peak you can’t wait to conquer.


We met at South Bus Terminal around 5:00 in the morning and had a minibus bound to Naga City. Drop off point at Brgy. Tungkop where there are habal-habal drivers that will help you reach the chapel of Brgy. Cogon (starting point). Habal-habal ride will take you around 30 to 45 minutes due to road constructions.

These kids would love to bring you to the peak.

Since it was our second time to climb Mt. Naupa, we decided to decline the offer of these kids who wants to guide our way to the peak.

Chapel of Brgy. Cogon

We took our photos and started our trek at around 7:00AM with full energy despite of not having our breakfast.

Breathtaking View

This breathtaking view early in the morning vitalized us to go further and we knew that adventure is happening.


We got lost! We went to the other side which was the longest trail yet, we never stopped following the trail. After 10 to 15 minutes since the time we got lost, we sat and had ourselves relaxed for a bit. Then, we got a chance to asked directions to the locals we met along the way.

We joined the two locals who were on their way to Mt. Naupa to have some business to do to their far away neighborhood. Since it was really a long way, I had the opportunity to chitchat with the locals while my companions had their crazy conversations that they almost lost their energy because of laughing.

The Tree

Climbing on the tree is not easy to others who doesn’t know how but for these beautiful ladies, they were able to managed to be on top! The struggle was real! I took some photos because they might cherish this moment after.

I will just zip my mouth and will not tell anyone how funny they looked like while struggling to be on top of the tree.

Mt. Naupa view from the back side.

Then, we got the chance to witnessed the perfect cone of Mt. Naupa after we got lost and found out that there was another trail.


After the uphill and downhill climbs, we decided to rest. We also extended our thanks to the two locals who guided our way here. We bid our goodbyes to them because we already knew the way to the peak.

Mt. Naupa view from the top.

Finally! We’re on the Mt. Naupa peak and took our rest for almost 15 minutes and had our nonsense conversation before we decided to go for a downhill trek.

Ninja Style

Had our ninja styles first before we decided to traversed from Brgy. Cogon to Brgy. Lanas.


We were so hungry yet, feeling blessed for we saw food! It was almost lunch time when we got ourselves here. And got so lucky for a free motor ride to the highway.


Mt. Naupa have different trails and you can choose if you will take the long way or the shortest way. That moment when we got lost, we took the longest way which the trail was different from the one we took during our first climb.

I was invited to have a night trek to Mt Naupa again and it was my third time and it only took us 30 minutes uphill climb to the peak because we took the shortest way (time depends on the pacing of the group).

Here are some of my beautiful experiences every Mt. Naupa climb:

We met them during our chasing sunrise trek, we knew and met some of them from other climbs.

A sudden invitation from a close friend of mine to guide them to Mt. Naupa and ended up photoshooting.

Camped at Mt. Naupa with amazing friends, delicious foods, star-gazing and witnessed the beautiful sunrise. It was my frist time to try camping and it was more than amazing.

I received another invitation from Social Science students (CNU) and still ended up photoshooting plus HUSKY!♥

We had another chasing sunrise and witnessed this magnificent view.♥

Mt. Naupa greeted us with a glorious view during our chasing sunset.

We had our chasing sunset and I was totally astonished.


minibus from south bus terminal to south gen. hospital  –  P30.00

habal-habal fare  –  P50.00/head

jeepney ride from Brgy. Lanas (highway)

to Municipality of Naga  –  P14.00

tricycle ride from Naga to Gaisano Minglanilla  –  P10.00

minibus from Minglanilla to South Bus Terminal  –  P25.00

Total Expense: P129.00


Trail Foods


Head cover/Umbrella

Arm Sleeves

Extra T-shirts


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