[UPDATED] Manunggal Traverse Mauyog: What It Feels Like Facing The Storm?

I’m always interested of mountain’s mystique. Been attracted to them as if the mountains and I have an intimate relationship. I feel the great gush of victory upon reaching its summit. Moreover, I couldn’t imagine a day where the sun plays hide and seek behind it as there’s a gentle breeze in the air. As green trees and pretty flowers are dancing like they’re more acquiescent to the way they have to live than other things do.

However, people occasionally asked me WHY I CLIMB? And my answer is always like “WHY DON’T YOU CLIMB?”


Now, this experience was different and challenging. We climbed two peaks in one day with angry weather (for the first time). At first, we were in doubt because of the non-stop rain. Maybe, the soil is too soft, grasses, and other beautiful things on the mountains were wet and crag. We might not be able to reach the summit (it was too dangerous).




Keenness never left us and we swept away all the fears because when we climb, nothing else matters. We have sparks that ignites inside us to climb no matter how angry the weather was (but deep inside us, we fervently prayed for our safety).

We continued on what we’ve started amidst bad weather. High hopes and enthusiasm continued to strengthen us thinking of… we will reach the peak. Frigid weather did not stop us from climbing — inner core were burning to reach the peak. We even saw our breaths when we talked (because of the bone-chilling temperature) and acted like a cloud-breathing dragons. Unfortunately, we only expel carbon dioxide and not fire since we were not real dragons! Hahaha!

Mt. Manunggal
Mt. Mauyog

After hours of trekking and fighting the bad weather, we successfully summited the two peaks. It was a great achievement to reach the peak both physical and mental. The trust and friendship build with the people who doesn’t just came along for the ride but, literally ties their life to us even if the climb lasted only for a few hour.

So, why don’t you climb? And, to tell you again, we did reached the summit! Sometimes, we need to defy our fears that this subconscious manifests on us. Instead, use it to enjoy for us.






The thick fogs brought us unexpected clarity and when we went through that layer of clouds and far from anyone, inner peace stirred within us. And, everyone has a different path in life and have different understanding yet, mine climbs through and among the mountains and deep into the nature that grows in a vigorous ways below the valleys.

We might almost blown away by the strong wind yet, we finally got some good weather.

“When all is said and done, the weather and love are the two elements about which one can never be sure.”

Alice Hoffman, Here on Earth

Click the link for the video by http://www.chasingpotatoes.com:


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