Mt. Mago|Boundary Climb: Why We Should Know Our Boundaries

Why do things end? Undeniably, we don’t know why. We even don’t know whether it will end in happiness or sadness. We keep on rocking our boats and doesn’t even know how it will end. We are always afraid of the circumstances may be because we think that after all of these, everything ends. Nevertheless, in the long run, we still believe that we are predestined in something else’s new, right?

Why we should know our boundaries? Because our heart knows the vastness our life wants to achieved, but it is limited. They said “the sky is not the limit” but actually, we are the limit. In the game of life, we will all receive a set of variables and limitations in the field of play and our time is limited. What matters most is to focus on what matters most. We should believe in ourselves and be not affected by doubts because our limitations are those of what we impose to ourselves.

Life has its boundaries and sometimes our hearts don’t care about it, just don’t let yourself captive by doubts. There’s no barrier or boundaries set in a heart of a person that loves their self and all God’s creations though life will inevitably ends, and that endings will lead you to the other side of a new beginnings. You just need to sit still, long enough, in any spots in the woods or in the mountains and there you will find great beginnings which may be not or may be greater than endings. Yet, you will start to see hope when you cease to understand it.

Come, let our new beginnings spark.


Day after day of rain, we decided to treat ourselves, a kind of witnessing one of God’s creation. We started our trek around 8:00 in the morning and had all our energy turned on. We were so thankful for the good weather and talked about how we missed trekking (almost one month passed since our last trek).

The amazing views on our way to the peak astounded us and suddenly, we had that good feeling, a kind of feeling that being away from the city for the meantime was so refreshing.


We’re in the mountains and they’re in us. We were speechless by its beauty. Every view was worthy, holy and it wallop’s in our mind and these will forever be remembered. It was so peaceful and comforting like your soul is talking to one of the mountain like they already know each other and even know your secrets.

The sunlight was smiling at us, like it was ready to tickle our skins anytime while the wind lips the trees. The vastness of all reminds us how little we were, why life has its boundaries. But who cares for such limitations, we need to reach the peak!


After hours of trekking, we finally reached the boundary. The boundaries of this world which shifting forever from day to night, joy to sorrow, love to hate, and from life itself to death. And who can say at what moment we may suddenly cross over the border from one place of existence to another? But being in the mountain peak was such a fulfilling. Enthusiasm was upon us, making every nerves quiver and filling every pore and cells of us.

Summit left us feeling renewed and more positive than we have been for weeks. Turned ourselves outward to experience the world and inward to relish the the pleasures it has given to us.

Mt. Mago (Boundary Climb) was another perfect experience. We thought, boundaries may be a safety net because it leads us to the right path.


On our way back, weather changed because it has its own way of showing us that the sky and mountain were happy of witnessing happy trekkers who loves all about it, and it cries.

β€œHow will I know who I can become if I don’t give myself the chance to try new things, to push myself beyond my natural boundaries? Who might I be if I am away from the things that I currently use to define myself?”
― Eileen Cook, With Malice


*From North Bus Terminal,  you can ride a bus and drop off to Carmen, Cebu (Market) – P40.00

*From Carmen, ride a habal-habal and drivers will drop you off at Brgy. Santican (starting point). – P100.00

*There will be guides available in Brgy. Santican. – no required amount for guide fees




*We had our backtrail and went home safely.

*Always bring extra clothes and water

*Wear proper gears/attire

*Ask the guide to stop if you’re having a hard time catching up with the groups

*Leave No Trace

*Enjoy the nature and have fun




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