Things You Will Know If You Travel Alone

We need to grow. We just can’t stand in one spot and do nothing. We can’t stay inside the house, lying in bed and dream. We need to step out because we have legs and we have to start wandering. Wandering is being ourselves—being alive—being free and, it feels good when we understand it in the end. Wandering is essential because it measures the understanding of an individual on how it feels to be human or how our souls are slowly learning to survive. We will only know the paths we are taking until we start on one step, and, travel.

Traveling alone is the best gift we can give to ourselves. Why?

1. You will know how far you can go

Aguinid Falls

We set limits to ourselves because we have doubts. Thinking like we cannot reach that goal, that we cannot go beyond, that we might not deserve what’s waiting. Let’s not lie to ourselves. We should view things of what they really are and how they really are. If we want to go that far, set our minds that far and our bodies will meet us there.

(Arrived here with the help of a kind tricycle driver, Kuya Junior. I was hesitant if traveling alone was safe? But there was something inside me, telling that I really need to try and so I did.)

2.You will know how strong you are.

Aguinid Falls

If we build that brave attitude to do something or anything then, be ready to face the consequences. Sometimes, we are strong, sometimes we are weak and sometimes we allowed to be both at the same time. Basically, we need to be strong. Why? Because life is sometimes unfair and people wants us to look small for them to look great but never forget that we need to get ours too.

(I couldn’t believe it at first but I did reached the final level of Aguinid Falls (eight levels) together with my new found friends whom I met along the way. For that moment, I was out of my comfort zone. I was out of my mind and I was out like a free bird. A free bird who before doesn’t know how to fly. Everything was so amazing. Being out of your comfort zone is a sign that you are strong enough to face any consequences in life.)

3.You will learn to appreciate everything.

Aguinid Falls

In this small world, we need to appreciate everything we have because it is there. It was destined to be appreciated and loved. Everyone may not be like that because we cannot please all but always be thankful to God for such beauty!

(I always love everything about nature. Here in Aguinid falls, I was astonished of its beauty. How that water flows all over my skin and the sounds was so good on my ears—a perfect music.)

4.You will be willing to change your perspectives.

Hidden Falls

Some people see the world half-full while others see it half empty. But if we look to different perspectives we will see twice as big as what it needs to be.

(After Aguinid Falls, I decided to go home but I looked too different perspective and found Hidden Falls. I had no doubts, I did not care if I’ll be lost. I believe that sometimes, being lost is near from being found. I went to it and witnessed the beautiful waterfalls and got a chance to had a good conversation with locals especially their Brgy. Captain. At that moment, I’m feeling all the things I wanted to feel.)

5.You will learn to find yourself while trusting on it.

Hidden Falls (Traveling alone is trusting yourself.)

I am so thankful to God for such a wonderful experience. People told me that I was crazy for doing it alone but who cares? I was lost and different emotions filled my heart and brain but I still managed to do it. And then, life began at the very end of my comfort zone. If you don’t try traveling alone, what’s the point of living?

But, traveling alone requires awareness and being vigilant at all times. Safety first is the most important rule. You can’t also avoid questions when you travel alone especially when you are a woman, questions like, “Why are you alone?”, “Where’s your boyfriend or friends?”. You better cope. One of the best thing when I went exploring on my own? I met different kinds of people and I shared my ideas and experiences with them.

One of my favorite quotes is from Captain Jack Sparrow, “The world’s still the same, there’s just less in it.”

“Life is painful and messed up. It gets complicated at the worst of times, and sometimes you have no idea where to go or what to do. Lots of times people just let themselves get lost, dropping into a wide open, huge abyss. But that’s why we have to keep trying. We have to push through all that hurts us, work past all our theories that are haunting us. Sometimes the things that hurt us are the things that make us strongest. A life without experience, in my opinion, is no life at all. And that’s why I tell everyone that, even when it hurts, never stop yourself from living.”
― Alysha Speer


  • Ride a bus (South Terminal) Oslob via Bato (P190.00)
  • From Brgy. Bato, ride a tricycle to Aguinid Falls which is 15 minutes far from drop off. (P7.00)
  • There will be registrations and all in Auginid Falls. (You may contact Ms. Daisy 093-2727-8163)
  • Entrance to Aguinid Falls (P20.00), and they have hospitable and dedicated guides.
  • From Aguinid Falls, there will be tricylce driver that will lleaddu to Hidden Falls which is also 15 minutes far from Aguinid. (P10.00)
  • There will be registrations and all in Hidden Falls. Entrance Fee (P20.00)
  • Contact to Hidden Falls: Capt. Alvino Villarin: 092-2540-9783




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