Types Of People You’ll Meet Along The Way

We always love adventures like the world is beside us. We tend to enjoy and appreciate every moment wherever we go. Like there’s something inside us telling, to explore beyond our comfort zone and for us to know what it feels like standing right there, i n the middle of adventure.

A friend of mine sent an invitation regarding their South Cebu Adventure, I declined at first because I was hesitant at that time. Her second invitation made me think again of why not to try? I’m going to meet her new friends, I’m going to have an awesome adventures with them and I might be able to share my adventure experiences and scoop some of their experiences too! At the last-minute, I decided to join the group.

We easily get along like we’ve known each other for years. These new friends of mine were awesome than I ever thought! Every moment was treasured and I learned from them that one of the most inescapable of leading an interesting life is to have a moment with friends. And that moment? It will live to see the good things from them. We will learn something from them and they will learn something from you.

Here are the types of person you will meet along the way.

1.The Leader

Photo by Von Erie Khann Tabuzo

She organizes the event and the itinerary. She makes decisions and assures that everyone will agree according to her plans. She exceeded her expectations not because of her personal reasons but because of her friends who ameliorated her existence. Though, she get bullied most of the time, yet, she doesn’t care. All she want is for everyone to enjoy every moment. She’s afraid of heights and doesn’t like long walks. She easily gets tired but after having some rest, don’t let her energy hit you.

2.The Financer

Photo by Von Erie Khann Tabuzo

She decides what to buy, where to buy and when to buy all the necessary needs. Financer and the leader makes decisions together for the group. She has rule no. 1 to never lose money and rule no. 2 to never forget rule no. 1. She makes weird jokes and unessential rants in the long hours of road trips. She is always open for suggestions, yet, her decisions shall be followed. She loves the sea but doesn’t know how to swim. Lastly, she is very willing to take any risks.

3.The Photographer

Photo by Von Erie Khann Tabuzo

He decides what angle, what positions and loves to capture every moment because that every moment will be the treasured memories. He is not in the group pictures all the time. It’s him and his camera, showing everyone what they see and it’s the same as telling stories. His most important gear is his eyes, his soul and his heart. He is the bully one. He is enthusiastic and always willing to take the risk. He was broken but because of his friends, those broken pieces were gone. He is open and willing to welcome new things. He sees life in different perspective.

4.The Supporter

Photo by Von Erie Khann Tabuzo

He agrees on what’s been decided. He supports every decisions, go with the flow and open for suggestions. He will tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear. He acts and thinks differently because he believes that he can do things uniquely. He had different perspective and appreciate things in different kinds of way.

5.The Music Lover

Photo by Von Erie Khann Tabuzo

He gets along with music, share to his friends and will describe how good it is. The sound of the wind is singing with him. Everything that surrounds him is a good rhythm. He easily understand the people around him. He knows where and when to adjust and he easily adapts the new environment.

5. The Silent Type

Photo by Von Erie Khann Tabuzo

She listens to everyone with a heart. She smiles beautifully and magically. Her expressions are easily remembered. She silently praise and enjoy every moment of her life. She is amazing the way she is. She is comfortable to be with and she really loves adventure. In constant whirl of the wind and noisy sound all around, there she is, the quite one, the eye of the storm.

6.The Observant Type

Photo by Von Erie Khann Tabuzo

She is always aware to notice even the cost of it becomes her responsibility. She will notice things that surrounds you and begin to see  the things within you. She loves being with friends and easily cope up on things. She always take the risks and sometimes a perfectionist in her own way.

What we gain when we step out in our own comfort zone? We will have new experiences, we have new friends and we learn something from them. I remember Margaret Thatcher’s quote, “Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It’s not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it’s a day you’ve had everything to do and you’ve done it.”

Photo by Laagsparkles

Having an adventure with new friends is for us to see the place where we really came from with the new eyes and extra colors on it and they will see us differently, too.

After two days of exploring the Southern part of Cebu City, it is another unforgettable experiences we ever had.

“I always secretly looked forward to nothing going as planned. That way, I wasn’t limited by my imagination. That way, anything can, and always did, happen.” – CrimethInc.

Note: We used one of our friend’s car for road trips and stayed in the house of our other friend.


Day 1

Osmeña Peak at Dalaguete, Mantalongon Cebu (Entrance Fee: P30.00)

Aguinid Falls at Samboan, Cebu (Entrance Fee: P20.00)

Day 2

Malabuyoc, Sto. Niño, Cebu (Boating with friends, we did not spend any amount of money on this kind of activity)

Mainit Spring at Oslob, Cebu, Entrance Fee: P25.00 (This activity have different levels, make sure to try all levels)

Montañeza Falls at Malabuyoc, Cebu (This falls is connected to Mainit Spring)

Kawasan Falls at Badian, Cebu, Entarnce Fee P30.00

Lambug Beach at Badian, Cebu (This is a public beach)


bring water and foods

bring extra clothes

bring extra money (in case of sidetrips)

ATM’s are availabe in each town

You can visit public/cheap tourist spots








    1. hahaha hi Lai! She really is our financer during our adventures (which I was surprised too). I even have doubts about the financer type but I also thought that financer might be a help especially for a group kind of adventure. 😀


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