The Top 9 Tourist Spots In Antique|Tips & Budget

Our life is a series of natural and spontaneous adventures. It is our duty to find something beautiful within it no matter how small the chances we have.

The day will come that our life will flash before our eyes. We must assure that in the end, everything is worth the watch. Then, we will slowly start to fall in love with all those different places. We will become an escapist—the one we create in our-self that gives us a cutting edge.

Now, who will not fall in love with such a beautiful Antique? Antique is a province of the Philippines located in the region of Western Visayas and situated in the western section of Panay Island and borders.

Let’s explore Antique!



Bugtong-bato Waterfalls, Tibiao, Antique

We had the Bugtong-bato cave as our first adventure when we arrived at Brgy. Importante, Tibiao, Antiqe. We looked for an Inn to spend our nights and to safely leave our things. Luckily, we found Kayak Inn—the family who maintained the place enthusiastically welcomed us. They even suggested places where we can go first to minimize our expenses. We, then went to Brgy. Purok 3 where the starting point of the said waterfalls was located. We were tired and hungry but, we skipped it in our mind because we were more excited of the activity we will be doing.

The trail to Bugtong-bato was difficult because of non-stop rain. We only had our slippers which were unsuitable for the trail yet, we didn’t mind. We never thought that the trek took us for almost an hour.


We were so lucky because we were the first person who visited the waterfalls. Took our chances and spent our whole morning there. We would like to recommend everyone to visit the three levels of Bugtong-bato waterfalls. It’s really worth the visit.



This was the most memorable experienced I ever had.

After chasing waterfalls, we went back and had our prepared delicious Bachoy. After that, we waited for the rain to stop but it did not. Then, one of the Kayak Inn’s crews named Alfie told us that it was time to do the adventure. We were in doubt and even asked if it was okay to do such activity in a bad weather but he only responded with a smile. So, we prepared our gears and all with a doubt! Even looking to the river made us so eager to do the activity and at the same time, we were scared. We felt like the fast current of the waters were teasing and scaring the hell out of us!

Everything went smoothly like the first level, we were all safe despite the strong and fast current of the water due to heavy rain. Our second level may be my unforgettable experience because I gasped and fell out in my kayak and suddenly, I felt the rush of waters on my skin while I was floating under it. I was fighting against the strong current and tried to push the heavy kayak on top of me so that I could breathe. I was lucky that one of our guides caught me and dragged me to whatever side I was that time and the other guide pull out the kayak out of me and they helped me stand. I was so scared and speechless, yet, I still managed to continue and we all passed the challenging activity. I had bruises and some muscle pains but we still had the most unforgettable experience!



This Kawa is made up of thick cast iron, it was used to make a brown sugar. We soaked ourselves in the warm water with the aromatic smell of the flowers, such a good combination to escape reality for the meantime.

After the exhausting but amazing kayaking, we got the chance to relaxed here! It was so good, wonderful and peaceful, it made us think how lucky we were to experience such a kind of adventure that we will forever cherish.



After we took our rest in Kawa Bath, we went outside the Inn and visited the Hanging Bridge; the first hanging bridge in town. You will have a picturesque view of the white river and the beautiful mountain view of Brgy. Tuno.

Here are some shots of our amazing first day!

Tibiao Bridge
Breathtaking View on the way to Bugtong-bato Falls
Brgy. Importante, Tibiao, Antique drop off
Sunrise was chasing us gracefully
Bugtong-Bato Falls




Woke up early and headed to Culasi for another extreme adventure that awaits! We had the pump boat headed to the beautiful Mararison Island that it took us almost 20 minutes.


Then, our hungry souls finally touched the said hook-shaped island called Malalison! It is more than enough for some nature lovers to witness the island because of its crystal clear blue and green waters and white sand. Then, a guide welcomed us and introduced herself that she will be our guide to the mountain. We were really amazed.



Lantawan Hills (another side)


After an hour of trekking, we finally reached the peak! The breathtaking view made us think of not wanting to go home. Our second thought told us to extend our days and explore Antique more, climb all their mountains, chase all their waterfalls, immersing on their cultures, making new friends and wanted to know about their livelihood and listen to their stories more, but we have less time than we thought.

Malalison is the perfect place for reflections and meditations which will give us a way closer to the universe where we really belong.



Trekked and witnessed the beauty of the hook-shape like an island in 2 to 3 hours. We got tired and hungry so, we went back to Kawit Sandbar and caught some breaths. But, we visited first the famous Giab Cave where the amazing stone structures amazed us. Why is life so beautiful even in its smallest things?



As we went back to the sandbar, we cannot say no to the beautiful creatures under the water. Since my friends were also sea lovers, say YES to diving and snorkeling!

Our last and amazing activity were searching our lost souls under water. The colorful fishes, the lovely corals, the sweet starfish, how the water touches our skin, how our hairs dancing together with the current of the water and the immeasurable feelings in our hearts which were out of one’s depth. Then, I learned that we were half water because we can not go through in such a cruel and challenging life or whatever obstacles we are facing, we go around it because, water does, too.


  1. Make sure to bring extra money before going to Antique due to limited ATM’s.
  2. Bring extra foods and any necessary things you might need before going to Antique because it will take you minutes to reach their market and some goods are not available in the area.
  3. Some areas have limited signals, might as well inform your beloved ones before they will think something else.
  4. People are nice and friendly, you might want to learn their basic dialects. “Pira/Tag Pira” (means how much), “mayad” (good), “mayad na gabii/may an aga” (good evening/good morning).
  5. While waiting for the flight/schedule of departure in the terminal, I recommend Center Parkway to spend your days or nights with. Center Parkway is 15 minutes away from the airport and 10 minutes away from Kalibo terminal. It is affordable and accessible to the main city, too.


  1. From Kalibo, Aklan to Tibiao, Antique – P130.00 (first trip departure schedule is 5:00am and last trip 5:00pm)
  2. From Brgy. Importante, Tibiao, Antique to Kayak Inn, Brgy. Tuno habal-habal ride- P70.00
  3. Entrance fee in Brgy. Tuno – P50.00
  4. Kayak Inn’s package – P1000.00 (package includes Bugtong-Bato Falls, Kawa Bath, and Kayaking)
  5. No exact amount of guide fees in Bugtong-bato.
  6. From Tibiao, Antique to Culasi, Antique habal-habal ride – P250.00
  7. From Culasi to Malalison Island – P750.00 (this is already a package fare back and forth good for four people).
  8. Guide fee for Malalison Island – P250.00
  9. Small pump boat for snorkeling – P200.00 (life jacket and gaggles are included, no time limits)
  10. From Culasi back to Kalibo, Aklan – P110.00

“The world is full of beauty; you are the greatest proof of this.”
Matshona Dhliwayo



  1. Antique is such an underrated province. We love it there. So full of adventures and natural attractions. We were very lucky to be part of the Explore Antique familiarization tour sponsored by the province’s tourism department.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi laag sparkles! Ang Giab Cave ba, duol to sa Nablag Islet? wala ko kabantay ani ba pag adto namo last month hehe!

    Og by the way, unsa na level na sa Bugtong Bato falls ang naa sa imong pic? It looks different man gud from the one I see during my visit. Just curious. Because the guide said that there are 3 levels of the falls (2 and 3 are not accessible). 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Quen, not totally duol si giab cave sa nablag islet. part pa ang cave sa lantawan hill as per ingon sa guide.☺

      first and second level sa waterfalls ang naa sa pic. yes, there are 3 levels but ang ika 3 is wala na mi gipa saka kaii kusog ang current sa water hehehe. I dont know sa guide ninyo that time but sa amo is okay lang man daw ang 2nd and 3rd level.☺☺☺


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