We tend to get busy taking care of our work because it is one of our source of income in order for us to help and take care of our love ones. We no longer noticed that we were bombarded by different thoughts and became easily stressed.  We no longer noticed that we were running in circles all the time and never realize that sometimes we need to stop and take a break.

Taking a break doesn’t mean that we’re a lazy person. It’s about taking our courage out of our comfort zone to do new things or unfamiliar things and to reinvent ourself again and to believe that everything will be alright. Let’s always give our self the chance to let our hearts grow fonder and look for the things what it really wants.

Here are some reasons why we need to take a break sometimes.

Candongao Peak, Badian

One of the reason why we need a break is that we need to find our self. Sometimes, we no longer understand what’s happening in our lives because everything in our own perspective become blur and doubt rises. But, once we take a rest we will be able to find our-self and reinvent again to prepare on a more challenging obstacles in life.


Candongao Peak, Badian

Once we find ourselves, we become more open-minded. We will welcome all the problems and consider it as an opportunity. We will open more doors not only in ourselves but also to others who needs it too. The chances and acceptance will develop inside our comfort zone and we will be able to help enhance our personality and it will give us hope to move forward.


Candongao Peak, Badian

Life is about living the life you love and love the life you live. Sometimes, we need a break for us to be able to look for another perspective and learn to appreciate it. We will be able to appreciate more about life, the importance of living, the importance of taking the chances and opportunities and lastly, the importance of serenity and love of God.


Candongao Peak, Badian

After a break, we will surely more focus on our dreams and goals in life. Why? Because we are like a damaged machine, in order to make it work, we have to break it down and work on our inner system and evaluate it again. Screw out all the bolts in our lives, examine and work on our-self again, fix our lives and get going, again. That’s how it should work, we are not allowed to confined on the little things we do and quibble. We should be thankful.

Let’s take a rest sometimes, lie on a grass under the heat of the sun, watching the clouds chasing another across the sky, listening to the song of the waters and whispers of the wind.


*Ride a bus bound to Badian town center – P126.00 (fare rate might change)

*Ride a habal-habal to Sohoton Elementary School – P150.00 (fare rate might change)

*Guide fee is P500.00 for 5 members.


*It’s hard to get back to the highway from Sohoton School, make sure to negotiate with the habal-habal drivers to pick you up.

*Bring extra clothes, extra money and any necessary needs.

*You can have a sidetrip at Lambug Beach

*Wear proper trekking attires

*Great every locals you meet

*Tell the guide if you have hard time on catching up

*Enjoy every moment





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