I was there when you were in your mother’s arms; I was there watching until the twilight came. You were so lovely and adorable like a beautiful flower who blooms on the right season. I was there when you started walking and was even more proud when I heard the beautiful sound of your laughter. Then, I remembered the way you threw away your bag in front of your house after school and ran to see me – i felt the excitement and love from you.

That moment, it feels like I am the most special creation of God because I have a loving human being who feels the excitement to see me and will watch over me until the dusk take over my lights then there will be a grapy dusk, a purple dusk over tangerine groves.

Photo credits to Laagsparkles (Bantayan Island)

One day, I found you melancholy seating on that seawall. So lonely that I noticed a small drops of sadness made a small watery line on your rosy checks. Later, then I realized that my lovely human being was crying. I don’t know what to do to ease the pain you’ve felt rather, I blazed and shine to comfort you. I shine like a giant orange sphere, pearly pinks and vibrant purple colors that slowly sinking towards that horizons.

You were sad because life made you suffer to some sort of things you did not like. But, always remember my lovely that each day is born with a sunrise and ends with the sunset, just like we open our eyes to see the light and close them to hear the dark. There are really few things in life my lovely that one cannot exist at the same time, as what you’ve wanted to.

Photo credits to Laagsparkles (Bantayan Island)

Time runs fast and I haven’t seen you often. I felt like I was forgotten like a solitary seashore. I had to pretend that I was not in pain for the idea that my lovely human being was busy living their lives and hoping, one day, they will visit again. So, I let my sweet clouds covered me with their loneliness and they cried all night because of sorrow.

Like a pale stars, all of them were still and shadowy; hardly believed that anything can happen and believed in that sometimes we forgot to look back and see again the beauty of life.

Photo credits to Laagsparkles (Bantayan Island)

One day, I was surprised because you were there, standing in silence with a perfect smile on your face. Then I felt so jovial. And I just said “Oh my little human being, you’re back!”. Words were not enough to describe of how I feel seeing you again. Happiness hugged me so tight that I blazed so wonderfully to the point that my lovely human being fell in love with my beauty. After all my reaching out moments and extensions of my horizons for you to visit me, my wish was granted by the Almighty and I am truly delighted.

You talked to me and shared your stories, enthusiastically. But, I have to go. You have no idea how it hurts me but I’m slowly sinking again to the beautiful fine horizon; I was sad. I didn’t see you but I heard you, still, I was listening to your stories and the beautiful sound of your laughter; it’s been so long.

Then, you said “Goodbye, Mr. Sunset. You’re right, all the things have an ending; like flowers returns to sleep with the earth.” And then, my lovely human stopped talking.

Photo credits to Laagsparkles (Bantayan Island)

I wanted to cry but I couldn’t because sunset gives charms and hopes. Now, I will never see my lovely human being again. And it’s time to dissolved in the sky and create a velvet horizon, announcing the stars and moon to dance with the night. Then, there’s the awaited joy of the wounded soul.


*Ride a bus bound to Hagnaya Port (North Bus Terminal) – P132.00 (current rate)

*From Hagnaya Port, Island Shipping, Inc. has departure schedule to Bantayan Island – P175.00 (regular)

*From Hagnaya to Sta. Fe Port, Bantayan Island you can ride tricycle to any beaches to witness the beautiful sunset and sunrise.

*For more inquiries, contact me or pm me on my websites.




  1. The saline fluid that trickle-down your face will run out dry like a dry river has eaten by the sturdy heat all her lifetime. There was unexpected hope came, it occupies the whole stream, she realized after she runs dry there will always be time to make her life whole again.

    “Each day is born with a sunrise and ends with the sunset just like we open our eyes to see the light and close them to hear in the dark. ”

    I’m melted with this blog post, very poetic which I’m seeing myself into when I write.

    Liked by 1 person

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