SAGASA ISLET: Things You Will Love About This Islet in Bantayan Island

“I wish I can go to a new place and start a new life.”

Is everyone’s wish when we are all tied up with problems and things that bothers us for so long. Like, we wanted to just disappear in a spur of the moment and leave everything behind. Yet, we cannot do it even if we just had enough. Whatever problems we have, we can fix it by taking a small baby steps. These small things includes escaping the city for the meantime and pack some necessary things and go for a road trips, listen to the murmur of the wind and see the beautiful green scenery.

Waking up to another town is my way of escaping reality for the meantime; and it’s one of the best feelings. So, I took a long road trip to Bantayan Island not because I am bombarded of works and all but because I wanted to be with nature again. I don’t even have any plans nor itineraries. I just wanted to walk around and thrive some conversations to the locals and wanted to go somewhere that’s new and beautiful.

Then, my Dad introduced this small island called, Sagasa Islet located at Municipality of Bantayan (proper). This is one of the beautiful islets in Bantayan, across the other small island called Butong. Only few have gotten here and I wonder why.


Here are the things you might want to love about Sagasa.

1.Sagasa Islet is surrounded by mangroves, white sand and crystal clear water. It feels like you are still spending your time on the beach. The place is so peaceful and relaxing that you might don’t want to leave.


2.This place is also good to spend time with your love ones. You can walk around, play music, sleep anywhere or camp and even go snorkeling.


3. You can walk around in a low tide and visit the neighbor islet which is also beautiful and relaxing. Locals are very friendly and hospitable which you have no reasons to be afraid of.


4. You will witness the beautiful sunrise and sunset in a full view in this place. And, you will definitely full in love in such so peaceful and wonderful Sagasa.


Wait! There’s more! You can spend your night here in Sagasa and witness the beautiful town lights of Bantayan (proper). Activity such as stargazing and watching fireflies in the night will be a priceless experience you will ever have (fireflies that are living in their own habitat, they will just come out almost 9:00pm of the night based on what I experienced).

Other side photos of Sagasa Islet




*Ride a bus (North Bus Terminal) bound to Hagnaya (P132.00 for the regular rate). Travel will take 4-5 hours.

*From Hagnaya Port, there will be schedule of departures to Bantayan Island. I suggest to travel early. Travel will take 1-2 hours. (P175.00 for the regular rate).

*From Sta. Fe Port, ride a jeepney or tricycle bound to Bantayan Wet market which is 11 kilometers away. (P25.00 is the fare).

*There will be small pumpboats in the area and negotiate with them the fare when going to Sagasa.


*Make sure to see first when will be the high tide and low tide on the day you will go to Sagasa before you will end up stock in the small island. Unless you are planning to spend your night in the islet.

*Bring food and necessary needs like off-lotion or sunblock.

*Bring extra clothes or any clothes to warm you up during the night.

*Enjoy your visit and be kind to locals you meet. Not only to the locals but to the place as well.


NOTE: We used our pumpboat to get here. You can contact me anytime if you have plans to visit the wonderful Sagasa.



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