MATAB-ANG & MALUBOG LAKE: Love and Misadventure Inspired by Lang Leav

She loves herself.

She is the one with a tousled hair colored by the sun. Her skin is now burnt with multiple tan lines that it’s too far from fair once it was plus the scar that makes her even more beautiful. But, don’t mess with her for her every flaws hide an interesting stories. She is simple and not materialistic. She doesn’t like malls, she feels it sucks the life out of her and take note, she will always get lost that directions do not matters. She is always unimpressed with your expensive things you’ve been bragging about. She is not the type to go to a party and go clubbing. In her mind, clubbing and partying expense is equivalent to travel at a weekend, far away, where there is more adventure and new experience she will embrace.

She might be traveling right now, do some trekking, climbing, spelunking, river trekking and chasing waterfalls. She loves thriving conversations with the locals and immersing herself to the culture to any destination she may be. Lastly, one of the things she loves at traveling is that she will always full of excitement every time she meets new interesting people that have the same passion and dreams. She always craves for experiences and adventures and goes out to take life has to offer to her.

Here she is , loving her misadventures .

1.Malubog Lake, Toledo City


She left around 12:00 noon and went but there was no particular place where to begin and to end. All in her mind was the names of the lake and the waterfall in Toledo. Yet, she arrived peacefully around 3:00 in the afternoon at Toledo terminal.

Because of lack of time, she decided to ride on a habal-habal instead of taking the jeepney (take note: if you will ride on a jeepney you will wait for the passengers to be full before the departure). It took her around 45 minutes and arrived to her destination because of road constructions (she took the long way than the usual).


Malubog Lake

She stayed for a minute while her habalhabl driver took the chance of telling stories about the lake and its mysteries. She was astonished and amazed of the stories and it was enough for her because again, another experience and adventure filled her soul.

Aware of the time, she and the habalhabal driver went back and look for the waterfall. It took almost two hours by just looking for the said waterfall. Even asking help to the locals didn’t help and some were not even familiar. They seek more locals and even showed pictures of waterfall in different angles but it seems like time was against her.

2. Matab-ang Swimming Pool

Matab-ang Swimming Pool


Then, it was a kind of disappointing to her of not fulfilling of what she had expected. Nevertheless, she erased it in her mind and started looking for another sidetrip and she found a swimming pool, a not so mainstream swimming pool in Brgy. Matab-ang and decided to enjoy her afternoon for the last-minute.


Matab-ang Swimming Pool

She enjoyed the relaxing moment in the swimming pool plus she witnessed the beautiful sunset. She had a comfortable conversation with the owner and some visitors after that. She even accepted too many questions which she decided to answer and shared her experiences and some adventures that took them by surprised and was unexpectedly amazed.

One thing that caught her attention during their conversation was “You have that confidence to travel alone and it’s alright because people have different perspective and ideas but we have the same common sense when it  comes to traveling, specially when in solo.”

She said that she loves having misadventures because she will wonder unexpectedly to the place where she is meant to go.

“I was forced to wander, having no one, forced by my nature to keep wandering because wandering was the only thing that I believed in, and the only thing that believed in me.”
― Roman Payne


*ride a bus bound to Toledo (P60.00)

*Drop off to Toledo terminal

*Look for habal-habal drivers and negotiate the fare amount with them. (P300.00 back and forth including our road trip looking for the waterfall). You can also ride the jeepney and enjoy the top loading activity.

*You can try boating activity for only P5.00 in Malubog Lake.

*You can enjoy the swimming pool in Brgy. Matab-ang (P80.00)

*From Toledo back to Cebu, ride a van bound to cebu (100.00)



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