Holy Week In Bantayan Island: 47 Photos Of Semana Santa Observance & Not A Fiesta

Do Bantayanon’s celebrates fiesta on a Holy Week?

No, Holy Week in Bantayan Island is not a fiesta, Bantayanon’s celebrates their fiesta every June 29 in honor of Saints Peter and Paul. The Semana Santa observance is one of Bantayan’s unique religious celebrations where there is Station of the Cross – portrayed in life size figures of Carrozas, Visita Iglesia, Santo Entierro – holy burial and other church activities for keeping the tradition.

Also, many asked why Bantayanon’s eats meat during a Holy Week. Not all Bantayanon’s though eat meat on a Good Friday. Many continue to abstain from eating meat, despite the Indult allowing people to eat meat on days of strict fasting and abstinence. The Indult may have been issued from with the people of Bantayan but, those who follow it must also observe abstinence of certain days of the year other than holy week as recompense for doing so.

In case, you happened to visit Bantayan Island, don’t forget to visit the museum where you will know the granting story of the papal indult to Bantayanon’s.

47 Photos of Semana Santa Observance In Bantayan Island & Not A Fiesta

Station of the Cross –Β Carrozas


St. Peter and Paul Parish Church


Random Photos: Photowalk|Bantayan Island Plaza Area



Photos in Bantayan Island Wet Market



During Holy Week in Bantayan, tourists increasingly drawn in the island because of the manner that Semana Santa is celebrated. It helps increase the economy of the islandΒ and yet, at the same time it might threaten the traditional practices of Semana Santa.



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