MT. LANAYA|Brgy. Legaspi Traverse To Brgy. Lumpan: Where You Can Heave Your Spirit And The Mountain Will Keep It – Laagsparkles

A crestfallen two months passed, first thing in my mind is to get back on track – go for extreme adventures – and climb mountains.

I was told to do basic exercise, stretching, yoga and various other alternative forms of treatments to reduce the pain of my condition; and keeping me away from any future danger. Then, the poignant story of my life begins in tragedy (just kidding!). I was idled for two months and was drowned in the thought that I might not be able to go for adventure. That, I should take the risk to rest.

Then life happens, one of the mountaineering group invited Laagsparkles to join their first event this year. I was hesitant at first but deep inside, my hungry soul was shouting at me to grab the chance. And, I did. I asked permission to go for any adventure that awaits – they said yes. I was alive.

Here’s to my I believe an amazing experience after all the depressions I’ve stashed for two months.

I and the mountaineering group decided on climbing Mt. Lanaya, Alegria Cebu, towering 700 meters above sea level (MASL). We arrived at Brgy, Legaspi and hurriedly had our names registered – had a small orientation, introduced ourselves and the two guides. We were all galvanized because of the infamous Legaspi trail, as we’ve heard.



Had our lunch here.
Here’s to the 40/50 degrees, ascent.
Sweeper in our group.
Marge was a bit tired.
Gian was a bit tired, too.


To the first timer in our group. I’m so proud of you.
When Gian was really tired.
First group and the group pic.♥
Here’s to the trail, loosed soil and rocks that made our climb difficult and treacherous.


Another 10 minutes break due to difficult ascent.
Me and the jelly ace.
Here’s to the breathtakingly beautiful view from the peak.

We love Mt. Lanaya for doing this to us and because of its forest-covered trail, knife-edged slopes, loosed soil, awful assaults, unforgiving steepness and to the 90-degree cliff like that challenges us all.

Then, probably, this is the mountain where our spirit heaved into it and surely the mountain will keep it.


Like go for a walk, say a little prayer
Take a deep breath of mountain air
Put on my glove and play some catch — Toby Keith
It is not the obstacles that is the mountain ;but it is our lack of knowledge of how to deal with the obstacles and how to overcome it
― Sunday Adelaja
Often when we are on the path to success we come across obstacles that seem to be like mountains
― Sunday Adelaja
Me being an ant, at her mountain, I would have tried my best for my voice to reach her peak. — Anthony Liccione
I had faith in the mountains. Where they would take me to, I barely knew but I knew that the steps made weren’t backward, but forward. I didn’t climb mountains; I befriended them.
― Kevin Keenoo


One day I asked God to move the mountain ahead of me, but he said no because he wanted me to experience the joy of being on a mountain top.
― Gift Gugu Mona
This mountain called Victory! The clouds will come and the clouds will go, but the truth is that I’m high up here on this mountaintop that reaches into the sky! — C. JoyBell C.


Sometimes you must behave like a tunnel! If a formidable mountain is on your way, thrust through it!
― Mehmet Murat ildan
We can only climb the mountains because there’s a valley that makes the mountain a mountain.
― Craig D. Lounsbrough
Feel yourself climbing the mountain.
― A.D. Posey
For a weak person, every little hill is a giant mountain; for a strong person, every giant mountain is a little hill!
― Mehmet Murat ildan
Beneath every mountain lies a valley and beyond every problem lies a solution. 
― gugu

After the exhausting climb but, exciting. I was rejuvenated. It wasn’t easy about a type of woman like me who has an intimate relationship between the nature of being idled for two months. Then, I was told to do some not so extreme adventures which were a music to ears.

0500H – ETD Cebu to Alegria
0800H – ETA Alegria Merkado
0810H – Breakfast and buy foods for LUNCH
0830H – ETD Alergria Merkado to Brgy. Legaspi
0900H – ETA Brgy. Legaspi – Login/Register
0930H – START TREK – ETD Brgy Legaspi to Summit via Legaspi Trail
1200H – LUNCH at trail
1400H – ETA Summit – Kalo-kalo Peak
1500H – ETD Summit to Brgy. Lumpan
1600H – ETA Brgy. Lumpan
1630H – ETD Brgy. Lumpan to Brgy. Legazpi via habal-habal
1700H – ETA Brgy. Legazpi
1730H – Side Trip
1830H – Wait Bus

• 3L Bottled Water
• Utensils (Spoon and Fork, Cup, Plate)
• Warmer & Cap (For Sun Protection)
• Trekking Shoes
• 3 Drifit Shirt
• Extra Clothes
• Trail Snack
• Garbage Bag
• Extra Money (500 Or More Just In Case)
• ID (For Student Discount)
• Toiletries
• Waterproof Your Things
• Trekking Pole


P350 – Bus Fare (Cebu to Alegria Vice Versa)
P50 – Entrance / Register Fee
P100 – Guide Honorarium/Fee
P100 – Habal-habal Fare (Brgy. Lumpan to Brgy. Legaspi)
P100 – Side Trips


14 thoughts on “MT. LANAYA|Brgy. Legaspi Traverse To Brgy. Lumpan: Where You Can Heave Your Spirit And The Mountain Will Keep It – Laagsparkles

  1. Thelittlelai: Beyond limits says:

    Wow, this is another great trekking adventure and I must say that this is somehow an extremely challenging. I haven’t tried the Legaspi trail yet, only the Lumpan trail. I should go back to Mt. Lanaya and try the Legaspi trail, I heard that it’s quite challenging. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Adrenaline Romance says:

    Nice! It has been quite some time since we climbed Mt. Lanaya. At that time, there was no trail, and we had to whack our way through the thickets to reach the summit. We took a lot of wrong turns which made the climb even more difficult—even more difficult than the Legaspi trail!

    We would definitely plan to climb Mt. Lanaya again. Thanks so much for this itinerary and budget card.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. laagsparkles says:

      Hello, thewanderingitinerant! 🙂 Thank you for dropping by! Have a happy trek in Mt. Lanaya and enjoy your day. Just don’t forget our Leave No Trace principle. 🙂 Also, I am excited for you, too.♥

      Liked by 1 person

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